A Chef with an exemplary career.

Born and raised in the countryside, Thibaut Spiwack has always been an advocate for eco-friendly and sustainable cuisine. Today, he works principally with locally sourced and seasonal produce.

His gourmet and lavish dishes showcase the specialities of our beautiful region of Ile-de-France. By virtue of his efforts as head chef for the sustainable restaurant Anona, he stands within the first 50 chefs to have obtained a Green Star from the Michelin Guide.

Before joining the Cookoon brigade, Thibaut Spiwack worked with exceptional chefs who allowed him to give free rein to his creativity while respecting the requirements of gourmet cuisine.

His joie de vivre can be felt beyond the stovetops, creating an unforgettable experience both in the kitchen and around the dinner table. So, what are you waiting for? Let yourself be delighted by this radiating young chef and his unique environmentally friendly universe.