The expression "From France and Navarre" makes sense with Iñigo.

The chef is originally from the Spanish Basque country where the table occupies an extremely important place. His favourite way of eating? Tapas. But the chef raises this Iberian culinary culture at a very high gastronomic level.

Enthusiastic about French cooking, Iñigo is also a workaholic. When he arrived in Paris, he decided to pass the Grand Diplôme at Le Cordon Bleu.

With this background, he joined the Arzak team, a mythical restaurant in the Basque country alongside Juan Mari, who has three Michelin stars. This was followed by experiences in the Etxebarri and Etxanobe restaurants in the same region. Back in Paris, he continued to enrich his knowledge with Senderens and at the Chardenoux.

 Today, Iñigo is the author of an inventive, refined and convivial cookery. Navarre is obviously the rhythm of his dishes, but his influences are also French, Spanish and even Canarian, such as the "Mojo picón" sauce that spices his octopus up with rhubarb and fennel.

In addition to joining the Cookoon Club last year, the chef was also selected to be part of the American Express Chef Brigade for the third edition of "Un Chef pour Vous".
Come and discover the delicious cookery and the kindness of Chef Iñigo Ruiz Ruiterto in his restaurant Galerna in Paris and of course his gastronomic universe by booking on our platform