"Life is a game."

Nastasia Thiebaut Lyard is a young chef full of life, talent and ideas!

Come and meet her during for a Cookoon dinner: her infectious good humour and her creations will make your meal exceptional.

Nastasia has been participating in Cookoon events since the Club's inception. She has prepared a good number of them, with dishes that have always delighted her guests and in places that are each more attractive than the last.

Her cooking reveals her love of produce: it is made with carefully selected raw materials and French ingredients.

Let's take a look at her career:

Nastasia, a former Top Chef candidate, began her career with Monsieur Léautey, who passed on to her the love and taste for cooking. At the age of 24, she worked at the "Bristol" with Eric Fréchon and then moved on to Parisian restaurants and hotels, including the Hôtel de Crillon.

As a chef, Nastasia obtained the BIB in the Michelin Guide - a reward for a well-prepared meal at a moderate price - attracting the attention of Yannick Alléno, with whom she worked for three years, and later became Chef for Gilles Goujon at the Astair; he pushed her to take the Top Chef selection in 2020.

Nastasia likes to take up challenges and give the best of herself: she is now a private chef.