Antoine Ferrier, an artist at heart.

His two passions? The culinary arts and photography.

On paper, the chef is a model pupil. After graduating from Ferrandi, he excelled in the greatest Michelin-starred brigades: Éric Frechon, Guy Martin, Laurent Delarbre... All of them inculcated in him a deep love for the cookery, enriching his palette as a chef each time: Antoine masters all the great classics of French gastronomy.

After this very institutional training , the chef travels.

Antoine thus develops his knowledge, his curiosity, his appetence for originality, as much for cooking as for photography. His objective? To be inspired by the codes of the greatest and then to free himself from them, reinterpreting them by adding his personal touch.

Today, the cook-photographer seizes the beauty of models and exceptional dishes. His dishes are sophisticated, instinctive, feminine. His visual sense pushes him to surpass himself in the aesthetics of his presentations at each dinner, while only sublimating seasonal products.

In addition to joining the Cookoon Club last year, the chef was also selected to be part of the American Express Chef Brigade for the third edition of "Un Chef pour Vous".
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