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Cookoon private website

The club members use the booking website to create their desired experience


You choose

the number of guests

from 2 to 20 guests, or more upon request

The type of event

A luncheon, a dinner party or a cocktail reception...

the date

Chefs and hosts will predetermine their availability


You choose a venue

pick from selected exceptional decors

Picture yourself in the atmoshpere that suits best your wishes


You choose a chef & their menu

Pick from our brigade of 25 renowned and Michelin-starred chefs 

Enlist the services of the great names or the new generation of gastronomy for your guests.


You match the ideal wine with your menu

Pick from the cookoon wine selection

Choose the wines and courses pairings on the website, or see the recommendations of our sommeliers

Imagine, share, dream

how your event is organized


You set out to your booked location

You can access your venue 

You will be welcomed by the host who will make you discover the setting of your event


You meet the chef

a precious interaction

The chef will then welcome you and present to you his menu tailored to your wishes